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So much has been written about espresso blend and so many philosophies have been put forth by so many authorities and equal number of gurus that the real thing has been made so murky and cloudy that is difficult to see clear. I too have a philosophy about this subject and it goes as follow:

Do not listen or read the prop just go ahead and taste the cup and if you like it, it is definitely good, weather it has been roasted with a hot air, with a live flame, wood burning, gas, electric etc, it doesnt matter. Your taste buds are the ultimate judge. My blend is made up of seven different beans from different parts of the World. Of the two varieties of coffees Arabica and Robusta, my blend is made up of 80% of the former and 20% of the latter. It is roasted to a dark golden brown not burned like what is commonly called french roast like Starbuck. In my blend we make sure that the oils stay in the bean rather than letting them come out and making the whole bean look like is dipped in oil. Particularly I hate the process in which the roasted beans are cooled down with a water mist, for this I can spot a Michael Sivits roast before I even drink it because I dislike it immensely.


It seems like a dream now but my roots are in Calabria the southern most part of the Italina peninsula.I was born on the big toe almost at the tip of the booth. It was customary to call little kids with a diminutive (nickname) of the real name and in my case because my name was Domenico, the diminutive was "Mimmo". When was a little kid it sounded like melody when my mother was calling me out loud "Mimmoooooooo, Mimmooooooo".

I still remember so clear my grandmother would come and wake me up in the morning and she hand me a cup of coffee. She would call out "MIMMOOOOO" wake up! the coffee was not even made out of coffee beans, but it was toasted barley. It tasted soooooo good.

If I could only duplicate that taste now, it surely would be the seed for a billion dollar business.

There are two common varieties of coffee: Arabica and Robusta.
Robusta coffees have a dry, flinty and harsh taste. For this reason they are less desired and therefore cheaper. Most supermarket brands of coffee are made from Robusta varieties. Arabica coffees are smooth and mild, yet rich in flavor, which is why they are more highly sought after. The taste difference between two is easily identifiable.


OUR Specialties :
1) Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha Machines (Used and Brand New)

2) A Mix 12 Flavor case (Vanilla, French Vanilla, Hazelnut,Caramel, Raspberry, Ameretto, Irish Cream, White Chocolate) and our own original blends such as Nutty Delight, Kaluamore etc.

We also offer upon request your logo on the bottle.
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